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PintSaver.com is the result of too much time spent standing in supermarkets and shops trying to work out what the best deal, offer or price is for a chosen beer. We decided that we wanted to be able to show you just how much beer you would really be getting in any chosen pack of beer, and what better way to show you than a measurement we can all instantly relate to. A measurement we all know and love, the great British pint. Welcome to PintSaver.com.

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All prices and data was last updated on 18/03/2018.

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Pint Calculator

Try our Pint Calculator for those moments when your not in a shop/store we list. The PintSaver calculator helps you calculate the cost and number of pints just by entering a few numbers, Quantity, Volume and price.

Beers We List

If you would like prices on a beer we don't list let us know.

  • Beck's,
  • Boddingtons,
  • Budweiser,
  • Carling,
  • Carlsberg,
  • Corona Extra,
  • Fosters,
  • Grolsch,
  • Guinness,
  • Heineken,
  • John Smith's,
  • Kronenbourg,
  • Old Speckled Hen,
  • Peroni,
  • Stella Artois,
  • San Miguel.

Beer Facts

  1. There are over 2000 different beer brands available in the UK.
  2. The oldest reciple in the world is beer!
  3. In Czech Republic, beer is cheaper than Coca-Cola.
  4. Coming in just behind tea, beer is the second most popular beverage worldwide.
  5. In Medieval times, beer was served for breakfast.

Please Drink Responsibly

We all like to get great deals and offers but it is important to drink responsibly. You can find out more information at Drink Aware. Please take a look at this page for the law on alcohol.

Disclaimer - PintSaver.com does not guarantee any price or data on this website. PintSaver does not advise you on what products you should buy, but merely gives you the facts on deals, offers and prices. PintSaver is for review purposes only.


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